Examine your game from the inside out.

Play with the Graff smart golf ball & improvement platform on the course or off the course using a net.


Analyze your statistics after every session to truly understand your game—strengths, and potential improvement areas.


Improve using drills that are customized and curated to suit your game, and access a media library of available drills. 


A free sleeve is included in every Graff membership.


The Graff Platform

Detailed Shot Analytics
Every time you hit a shot with Graff, you receive detailed analytics such as spin rate, spin direction, carry distance, launch angle, and more.
Improvement Plans

Graff automatically analyzes these analytics and creates a personalized improvement plan for you–training is much easier when you know exactly where you need to improve!
Bluetooth Locating
Nothing is more frusturating than not finding your ball–with Graff's detailed location tracking functionality, losing balls is a thing of the past!


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