Part III, The Technology, gave background on what we have been developing here at Graff. Today, we’re giving you the details on what our app experience will be like.

As discussed last week, we at Graff Golf set out to develop a product that we felt was absent from the sport. In our eyes, this was a product that gave us detailed analytics of our swings but also interpreted the data in a meaningful way.

And that’s exactly what the Graff Golf app does.

The app is a tool that interprets the raw data from the Graff smart golf ball. The app functionality is broken down into three main sections: Play, Analyze, and Improve.

The Play section is where you will spend your time during a live round or training session. Our technology integrates seamlessly with your game, so all you have to do is sync your ball with the app and tap Play. 

If you’re playing a live round, the app will track your score. You can track your strokes and have access to simple course data along the way. When you hit different shots throughout your round, you’ll have the ability to tell the app which club you’re using—and if you intend to hit a certain shot shape. This helps the app learn your game and determine the quality of your individual shots with greater accuracy.

The location feature is also within the play section. If you lose your ball, the app can help you locate it with Bluetooth™ technology. Simply tap ‘Locate Ball’ within the play screen, and follow the direction and distance to find your ball.

​The next section is Analyze. In the Analyze section, you can view all your detailed analytics collected during your session. You can break down the analyses into per-club data, per-round data, or all-inclusive data. 

​The data is broken down in ways that are easy to interpret—and the app will automatically focus on areas of your game that could be strengthened. You can also see how your more recent data compares with older data—to give you an idea of your improvement rate. This enables golfers to make training decisions based on consistency and averages

The last section is Improve. This is likely where you will be spending the majority of your in-app time. The Improve section creates a customized improvement program for you based on the areas of your game that need strengthening. The program is served up to you in the form of drills, tips, and videos.

The Improve section’s logic is based on detailed pattern analysis and machine learning.

The basic concept is that the app draws a conclusion of what happened on the shot, so for example the user sliced the ball. The next step is the app analyzes what it was due to. This could be a multitude of different reasons, anywhere from your stance to where you hit the ball. Lastly, once we pinpoint the most probable root cause of a swing weakness and suggest ways in which to improve upon it.

The app then directs you to specific drills, accompanied with videos, filmed by our VP of Golf, Alex Fortey. Through these drills you can look to strengthen the weaker parts of your game—club-by-club—to maximize your improvement ability as a golfer.

Everyone here at Graff has spent countless hours determining exactly what they would like this app to display and focus on. These three main sections contain all the data that we collect in an easy and communicative way, as well as tell golfers exactly what they need to practice more.

​See you here next week for Part V, The Launch.