It seems like it has been a long off-season since Rory stormed past Brookes to win the Fedex Cup and wrap up the 2019 tour.  We had a thrilling time watching everyone’s favorite, Tiger, power the Americans to a come-from-behind President’s cup win. We have a lot of really great memories from 2019 and hopefully you had some memorable rounds of your own.
The NFL and College Football are welcome distractions while we wait for the weather to warm and the fairways and greens to come back to life. But College Football will be decided the week of 1/13 and the Superbowl is early this year, on February 2nd. So no matter how well you played in 2019, it is time to start thinking of how to take your game to the next level in 2020.

The Graff smart golf ball and analytics platform are the tools that you need. You do not have to wait for your club to open or the courses to be groomed. Just put on a sweater, get your Graff Smart Ball and start tuning up in your backyard now.  We give you the most cost-effective, real life improvement option to start taking strokes off your game. It feels great to swing a club again!

Here at Graff Golf we have had an incredibly exciting off-season. We have raised nearly $50,000 in our WeFunder campaign, far exceeding our goal of $20K. We want to thank all of you that invested, your interest and support reinforces our faith in our concept and our vision.

We are currently expecting our final round prototypes next week and are extremely optimistic from the previous test results. We have built our partnerships with manufacturers and are building out our fulfillment plans to be ready to ship in a few short months.

Looking forward to low scores and good times in 2020,

Your friends at Graff.