Golf smart.


Pocket-sized tech, enormous insights.

Graff Golf gives you actionable insights into your golf game—and you can use it anywhere. Whether on or off the golf course, the product is recording and storing all of your unique swing data, enabling you to get the most out of every session.


With Graff, a golf session never goes to waste.

Whether you’re hitting shots into a backyard net, or playing your local course—your Graff smart golf ball is recording your shot data. The app lets you set shot shapes, add courses with scorecard tracking, and tracks your ball location up to 300 feet.


The more you hit, the more you learn.

Every shot you hit with the Graff smart golf ball is analyzed using 9 key metrics. These metrics allow us to derive unique insights into your golf game which can be used for at-home improvement, supplementing lessons, or just some fun statistical analyses.


Stop wasting time and money on quick fixes.

When you improve with Graff, you're using a system that is catered to your game—not a fix-all. Graff has a vast library of videos and drills that are funneled down and served up to you as-needed for focused, finite improvement.


Say goodbye to lost balls on the course.

Graff smart golf balls have embedded Bluetooth electronics with a range of up to 300 feet—so you can focus on hitting shots instead of worrying about throwing away another ball.


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