January 27, 2021

The Bryson DeChambeau Odyssey

There's no doubt that Bryson DeChambeau is one of the most compelling figures in golf, but how long he will be able to maintain his pace of pushing the boundaries of what we know to be possible in golf remains a question mark. In this episode, host Sean Fairholm and fellow writer Jeremy Schilling break down Bryson from every angle and offer their opinions on what his journey means for the future of the sport.

1:50 — Sean answers a Q&A about bunker play and gives a neat trick on how to know whether you are using the bounce of your wedge correctly.

3:06 — Sean and Jeremy begin their discussion about why Bryson chose to transform his body and where he currently stands as a golfer.

6:25 — Is Bryson good or bad for the game of golf? Sean and Jeremy both agree on this one, but it may not be the answer or explanation you think.

8:53 — Will there be more Bryson DeChambeau imitators coming down the pipe line? There are two schools of thought on this, Sean argues.

10:42 — One overlooked piece of Bryson's game has been his short game. Sean and Jeremy take a moment to appreciate the fact that he has needed to putt well in order to win golf tournaments.

13:18 — What challenges lie ahead of him? First things first, will he be able to consume this many calories on a daily basis? Will he get worn down emotionally from continuing to bush the boundaries of what we know to be possible in golf?

15:30 — Bryson has admitted to having "frontal lobe issues"... is this a blip on the radar or are we concerned he could be his own villain? What about his longevity in the game?

24:24 — DeChambeau's use of analytics may uncover some data that all golfers are going to end up using in the near future.

September 21, 2020

Using Analytics To Simplify Your Game With Alex Fortey

In this episode of The Club, our host Sean Fairholm talks with Graff Golf's Alex Fortey about how ball analytics can help to simplify your golf game. Fortey delves into the specifics of carry yardages, spin rates and more to explain what you need to know.

August 22, 2020

Short Game Lessons With Pat Goss

In this episode of the Graff Golf Podcast, our host Sean Fairholm chats to Pat Goss, a PGA Tour short game coach. Goss explains why so many players — even the best in the world — struggle with consistency around the greens, and how the solution is often found in changing their setup position.

July 10, 2020

Mental & Physical Approach Featuring Conrad Ray

In this episode of the Graff Golf Podcast, our host Sean Fairholm chats to Conrad Ray, the head men's golf coach at Stanford University. Ray talks about what he learned as a player at Stanford, keeping his current players motivated, the role of technology in the game and more.


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